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Posting guidelines of the Google group boston west fair skies

Boston West Fair Skies

Posting guidelines and group function

October 2017

In order to make the group’s functioning more streamlined, maintain engagement and especially retain the credibility we have achieved since its creation in October 2013, our Steering Committee put together this set of guidelines. We have them posted on our website and will distribute them on the group on the 1st day of each month. Thank you for your cooperation observing our guidelines. BWFS Steering Committee (SC).

  • Our strategy has always been and will remain the same: in order to effectively advocate we need to be able to articulate first. The FAA is ultimately the one who needs to be willing to implement any changes to get us out of this mess. We need to be able to evaluate what they are proposing, offer qualified input and feedback, and hopefully come up with better and quieter ways to fly. Though we support the right of people to voice opinions, emotional and heated arguments without supporting facts should be avoided, and will be moderated if not removed from the thread. We have succeeded and gained credibility through fact based rationale.
  • Any message you post goes to all members on the group if you use a “reply to all”. If you have a comment addressed to only one person, things such as “Thank you. I’ll do that” etc. please be mindful and send it only to that person. Use “Reply to All” (or the equivalent command for other email programs) when you want everybody to read your message. Otherwise use “Reply” which will send a response to the sender only.
  • The Google group will be used exclusively for distribution of news related to airplane noise, articles, meeting’s minutes and other “official” and more formal information.
  • The “tone” of the posts should remain neutral. We kindly ask you that you don’t add any personal interpretations to the articles you make reference to or directly forward to the group.
  • Personal opinions expressed in negative, disparaging words towards anyone, any other group or entity, be it groups, persons, Massport or the FAA are strongly discouraged. Please contact Adriana (group moderator) with any additional questions regarding this subject: apoole@pooleweb.com. We are working towards assigning a different person who will be responsible of this area only, including membership. Stay tuned.
  • We understand how frustrated some of you may be at times. We need to vent. This is why we created a venting group with the address venting_bwfs@googlegroups.com .
  • We have two Facebook pages. One for links to information. BostonWestFairSkies, and the other for venting and communicating directly with neighbors, BostonWestFairSkiesCommunity.  
  • What are our goals? BWFS advocates for a broader dispersion of departures from runway 33L within the four 33L RNAV paths over communities west of Boston. We are not NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) trying to shift our noise load to other communities. Our strategy - manage our noise portion but share the pain instead of putting it exclusively on  20% of us living under the RNAV paths. We ask for Fair Skies.