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congressional quiet skies caucus

The Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus is formed from Representatives in Congress supporting the citizens fighting NextGen and its disastrous consequences to people on the ground.

In Massachusetts the three members representing us in this Caucus are: Katherine Clark (MA-5), Stephen Lynch (MA-8) and Mike Capuano (MA-7). 

Find what district you are in and who is your representative by clicking on the link below.

Make sure they hear from you on a regular basis!

A few members of the Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus have proposed bills that address various FAA issues in regard to the accountability they owned to the taxpayers. H.R. 3384 reinstates control of noise abatement to the EPA (this was removed during the Reagan administration due to budget cuts) and H.R. 3965 which establishes mechanisms of community involvement when the FAA proposes major changes with potential to affect the people living under flight paths (implementation through an ombudsman).