Powerful data from study conducted by German Federal Environmental Agency (equivalent of EPA)

Click here to see health impacts from airplane noise on humans:

Letter to Ma transportation secretary Pollack and response to BWFS

 BWFS sent a letter signed by eighteen of our members to  Ms.Pollack on Septermber 30, 3015. We received a prompt  response. 

 Click here to read the BWFS letter to Ms. Pollack:

Click here to read Ms.Pollack's indirect response:

TV segment promoting BWFS and No fly day in the local media

Belmont Media Center has invited us to promote our group on the "What's Going On?". The show's host, Jan Knight speaks with Adriana Poole, our chair for this first segment. A follow up show regarding No Fly Day Protest footage and updates will air in mid-November and will include other Steering Committee Members. You can always watch the shows online by clicking here:

Produced and hosted by volunteers from the Belmont Council on Aging, "What's Going On" is part local news round-up, part community calendar and part news and information for Belmont seniors.

Hosts include local residents Dolores Vidal, Janette Cranshaw.

Watch What's Going On on BMC Ch. 9-Comcast & 29-Verizon at:

Saturdays & Sundays @ 9am
Wednesdays @ 4:30pm
Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Six months after Rep. Stephen Lynch's motion to cut $25 million from the FAA's budget the faa is finally talking to us. representatives from the CONGRESSIONAl quiet skies caucus, faa, massport and logan cac are coming to milton to talk to all residents IN THE BOSTON AREA affected by nEXTGEN noise

On Thursday December 3rd, 2015 the FAA held a meeting with the citizens of Milton and Greater Boston area who are affected by NextGen implementation. Our Home Page has the PR from Rep. Lynch's office. Click here for an article on WGBH about this topic.

FAA response letter to official letters requesting re-examination of 33L RNAV

The FAA sent its response letter a few months after receiving the letters from various member towns in the coalition.

Phoenix City Council Policy Session ​APRIL 16, 2015 

Report by the performance based navigation (PBN) Working Group on their work results with the faa

The session has valuable information regarding many aspects of the process. Two factors stood out during the group's dealings with the FAA. Those are referred to towards the end of the presentation. They concern the FAA's excellent delaying techniques and labeling of noise as being "a perception problem". 

You can watch the entire 3 hrs session by clicking here.


Read here Phoenix, AR Representative Ruben Gallego's public statement. 

Arlington letter to the faa requesting revaluation of runway 33l sent march 26, 2015

Belmont letter to the faa requesting revaluation of runway 33l March 3, 2015

Harvard School of Public Health

Secrets of sound health

 [ Winter 2014 ]

Growing up, Francesca Dominici lived about a mile from Ciampino Airport, the second busiest in Rome. As she remembers it, the greatest nuisance from the roar of aircraft over her home was that she couldn’t hear her friends when talking on the phone.

Fast forward a few decades. Now professor of biostatistics and senior associate dean for research at Harvard School of Public Health, Dominici is a renowned expert in analyzing huge data sets to ferret out hiddenenviron­mental causes of disease. And her latest finding, published in October 2013 in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), has reverberated across the field.

Read the entire article by clicking here.

Boston West Fair Skies

Video of Congressman Stephen Lynch's motion on senate floor to cut 25 million dollars from the FAA's budget as means to get them at the negotiating table with Milton, june 2015

   Click here to watch YouTube video of Congressman Lynch's motion:

below is the letter to the FAA from Congresswoman Clark and Senators Markey and Warren to the FAA. Special thanks to Wade Blackman on Congresswoman Clark's staff for shepherding this through. 


watertown letter to the faa requesting reevaluation of runway 33l, april 16, 2015