how to contact cac representatives in your town

Local communities have appointed representatives to the Logan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that was established as part of the Boston Logan Airport Noise Study (BLANS

Each Town maintains its own web page that includes information about their involvement with the Logan CAC and their representatives. 

Use the links below if you would like to contact them.



Cambridge: Logan CAC is handled out of Environmental & Transportation Planning:


Senator Will Brownsberger maintains a very comprehensive web site with a dedicated section for airplane noise:


Place complaints when you notice heavy traffic. More addresses are more relevant than too many complaints from the same address.

Call Massport Complaint line:


Boston West Fair Skies

JOIN bostonwestfairskies (formerly QUIETBELMONT) GOOGLE GROUP (LIST SERVE)

You can join our local group by using one of the ways described below:

  1. Find the group by googling "Google groups" and search for BostonWestFairSkies then click on "subscribe to this group".
  2. Or just click here to visit the group.
  3. Make sure you go under email delivery settings and chose your preference of delivery. Available choices are: all email, abridged, digest and no email. 
  4. Remember - a simple reply to the group sends your response to everybody in the group. We want to minimize email volume so only relevant emails should be sent to all.

We send periodically updates through the group  regarding actions that need to be taken, airport closures and of course we discuss pressing airplane noise issues.

​Sample letters sent by residents:


Facts to include in YOUR Letters:

  • We have been living with highly disruptive noise as a result of Runway 33L RNAV since June of 2013.


  • By shifting the noise from being shared by many to the highly concentrated RNAV flight paths, the FAA has created winners - those who now have no or few overflights - and losers – those residents and neighborhoods that are getting burdened with all of the overflights.

  • The FAA claims that they did and Environmental Assessment and that their noise models showed that there was no significant impact. Well as a resident that is living under one of the RNAV flight paths, I can tell you that they were wrong. The impact has been very real and disruptive to our health and our quality of life.

  • There is a major problem with the way the FAA is calculating impact - it does not take into account the shifting of all of the noise from a runway’s operation to four narrow flight paths that send airplanes repetitively over the same neighborhoods.

  • Our Town leaders and CAC Representatives have been letting you know about the very real and negative impact of these 33L RNAV changes. Many residents from [insert my Community Here] and our neighboring communities have been filing an ever increasing number of noise complaints with Massport. It appears that the FAA has turned a deaf ear to our complaints and continue to fall back on their inadequate and flawed noise analysis.

  • We have been told to take up our noise issues with the Logan Community Advisory Committee (CAC). In January of 2015, our CAC Representatives brought forward a motion at a meeting of the Logan CAC asking that the FAA reexamine runway 33L RNAV because of the negative impact it is having on the affected communities.  This motion was passed and has been communicated to the FAA.

<to the FAA>

  • We ask that you respect that request from the CAC and take action to reexamine Runway 33L RNAV and look for alternatives or modifications that would more fairly and equitably spread the overflights and resulting noise from 33L departures.

<to the Congressional delegation>

  • We ask that you support our local efforts and the CAC’s request for the FAA to reexamine Runway 33L RNAV and look for alternatives or modifications that would more fairly and equitably spread the overflights and resulting noise from 33L departures. Please contact the FAA and tell them that they need to stop hiding behind their antiquated DNL noise metrics. Net noise reduction is not acceptable if it is achieved merely by shifting all of the noise to a few people. We want some meaningful relief from RNAV in the short term through modifications or adjustments to add some greater distribution and variability of the flights departing from Runway 33L. In the longer term – we want to see the FAA modernize their approach to calculating noise impact to be reflective of the effects of noise shifting and concentration. They should be mandated as part of the FAA reauthorization to invest in new noise measurement approaches that keep pace with the major changes they are making in deploying NextGen.

< to our local Legislators>

  • We ask that you continue to support our local efforts and advocate for the the CAC’s request to the FAA to reexamine Runway 33L RNAV and look for alternatives or modifications that would more fairly and equitably spread the overflights and resulting noise from 33L departures.


People may want to add their own info about the health effects, etc.


Michael Huerta - Administrator

Federal Aviation Administration
1575 I St NW
Washington, DC 20005

Amy Lind Corbett, Regional Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration
New England Region
12 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803-5299

Tom Glynn, CEO
Massachusetts Port Authority
One Harborside Drive, Suite 2008
East Boston, MA 02128-2909

Stephanie Pollack
Secretary & Chief Executive Officer
Massachusetts Department of Transportation

10 Park Plaza, Suite 4160
Boston, MA 02116

Congresswoman Katherine Clark

2108 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2836

For those in North Cambridge:
Congressman Mike Capuano
Phone: (202) 225-5111

Senator Ed Markey
Phone: 617-565-8519

Senator Elizabeth Warren
Washington Office
Phone: (202) 224-4543

State Legislators:
Senator Will Brownberger

Second Suffolk and Middlesex District
Massachusetts State House
Room 413C
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-1280

Representative Jon Hecht
State House
Room 22
Boston, MA 02133

Representative Dave Rogers
24th Middlesex District
Massachusetts State House
Room 134
Boston, MA 02133
Phone: 617-722-2400