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Boston West Fair Skies is an advocacy group started by residents of Belmont (formerly known as QuietBelmont) in October 2013 that has been expanded starting in March 2015 to include residents of any community west of Boston negatively impacted by increased airplane noise from Logan Airport. We now have members from many communities including Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville, Watertown and Winchester. 

All are welcome. Any new members are encouraged to join our Google Group. Click here to visit the group and become a member. You can chose an email delivery method that best fits your needs -- all email, abridged, digest or even no email. 

Our mission is to create one group with a common goal - to work with the leadership in our towns, Logan/Massport CAC representatives, State and DC Legislators, Massport and the FAA to advocate for a more fair distribution of airplane noise.

Our towns are affected by increased airplane noise due to the implementation of RNAV (using GPS) "Highways in the Sky" in June of 2013. This means that EVERY single airplane departing from 33L on days with NW winds continues on Virtual Runway 33L which splits into four narrow paths over specific neighborhoods.



Statistics matter!

We need to constantly file complaints BUT we need those complaints to come from NEW DIFFERENT addresses to show the impact on our communities.  

If we all suffer but only a few complain Massport and the FAA have no way of knowing how big the negative noise impact made by RNAV paths is on the us, the people living under those paths.

Visit our the Take Action page and see what you can do to help our cause.

Without your support - filing complaints, distributing flyers, talking to your neighbors to get them on board and writing letters to our legislators only a few of us engaged in this battle can't win it.

We need each and one of you to be an active participant.

Thanks for doing your part.

​​Keep our skies fair

sign the petition to silence the airbus "whine" by equipping the planes with a vortex generator 

A very inexpensive (just less than $5,000 per plane) device installed on the noisy Airbus planes will reduce their noise by 10 dB. Please help us convince the airline companies to invest in those devices.Sign this petition here: 

congressman stephen lynch secured a meeting with the faa in milton on december 3, 2015.  all towns affected by the noise increase due to nextgen were invited to attend. some 700 people were in the audience.

Click here for the complete PR.  WGBH has an article about Rep. Lynch's efforts. Click here to read it.  The event was highly publicized in the media and gave us great exposure.

​"Saving a bit of gas and delivering 250 passengers more quickly shouldn't require waking up thousands of people on hundreds of streets in dozens of towns at 5:38am, or 12:30am, or both!"Margaret Waters, Belmont, MA

Slides from the Power Point presentation by Belmont CAC representatives at the December 11, 2013 meeting. You can find more information on our News page.

we participated in the national  no fly day PROTEST which took place on saturday october 24, 2015 

Check www.noflyday.org to learn more about this event that could become a multi-year event.

runway closures

Massport's noise complaint website periodically posts those closures. We try to post them here as well as on our Facebook page as soon as we find out about them so that our members can better prepare to deal with increased noise from aircraft traffic especially during weekends when leaving your home is the only way of escaping the noise.


Boston West Fair Skies

Subscribe to our BWFS Google group to get the latest news and discussions!

Coming soon - look for announcements of public meetings in each of the BWFS member towns discussing the MIT study. Stay tuned!


bwfs on the news - watch us on the necn broadside show with sue o'connell

Michael McLaughlin (Medford) and Adriana Poole (Belmont) were invited to Sue O'Connell Broadside Show (New England Cable News) on December 1st, 2015. The segment's title is " Waking up to an Air Traffic Noise Problem ".  Click here to see the video of this segment.

massport noise complaint number  617-561-3333

Complaints can also be place electronically but you will have to create a login account for Massport's Symphony PublicVue software. Check our Noise Complaints page for detailed directions on how to file electronic complaints.

For electronic complaints with Massport click on this link (or in the menu above). Additionally you can purchase an Airnoise button (airnoise.io and connect it to your Symphony account) and file complaints this way. We strongly recommend to exercise restraint in pushing the button. A few dozen/month complaints are o.k., hundreds from the same address can be labelled as irrelevant and coming from someone "unhinged".

new - general flyer 

Back by popular demand - two general flyers, a black & white and a color version containing a great graphic with the RNAV paths. You can print and  distribute them anywhere & anytime.

 Please use ONLY versions of the flyers posted here. You may use your own versions if you  wish but in that case we  kindly ask that you refrain from using the Boston West Fair Skies  name or any reference to it.

 Thank you.

BWFS meetings 

We are organizing meetings on a need by need base. 

Our upcoming meeting will be in Belmont at the Belmont Public Library, May 23, 2019, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Click here for a copy of the flyer. We will discuss the present situation with 33L RNAV. MCAC representatives and other officials will be present. We encourage you to attend the meeting.

Please print and distribute flyers or post them on any groups or social media available.

You can find more documents related to 33L RNAV and the MIT study on Belmont MCAC's website


Thank you for your continuous support.         

BWFS Steering Committee



​​RNAV - or Area Navigationis a form of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) that makes use of satellite/GPS routing and waypoints and replaces conventional ground radar and ATC. This can conserve flight distance, reduce congestion, and allow more efficient management of the airspace.  In June 2013 the FAA implemented RNAV flight procedures for departures from Runway 33L at Boston Logan International Airport. The implementation of RNAV nationally is part of the NextGen program mandated by Congress, a measure meant to save fuel and increase safety.

Click here to read the FAA entire report "Boston Logan International Airport Runway 33L Area Navigation (RNAV) Standard Instrument Departure (SID) Environmental Assessment". It is a 255 pages final document justifiying RNAV implemenation at runway 33L

The impact on our West Boston communities was tremendous.

On days with predominantly north-western winds, airplanes which take off directly into the wind are being directed over four main RNAV routes toward Boston West communities including Arlington, Belmont, Medford, North Cambridge, West Somerville and Watertown. In Belmont alone, the number of complaints went from zero in January 2013 to 1,600 complaints at the end of 2014.